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Students & Parents

Welcome to Crosby Middle School, where we wholeheartedly believe that "What starts here can change the world." Our commitment to excellence in education and holistic student development extends to every facet of our school community. This dedicated section serves as a hub for our students and parents, offering valuable resources and information across various aspects of the Crosby Middle School experience.

Explore the subpages below to discover how we're shaping the future and empowering our students for success in academics, athletics, fine arts, guidance and counseling, health, safety, transportation, and more.

At Crosby Middle School, we recognize that nurturing young minds and providing essential support is where the journey toward changing the world truly begins. We invite you to delve into these resources, engage with our vibrant community, and embark on this transformative educational adventure with us. Together, we're turning aspirations into achievements because, here at Crosby Middle School, "What starts here can change the world."